Delicz Roasted Vermicelli

Life is turning hectic and people even find no time to spend on healthy eating habits. Every morning nowadays is more bustling, we consume something just to fill our appetite but do you think it is healthier?

 What if something comes that is both easy to cook and healthier too? It's awesome right! And, this is why we have bought you roasted vermicelli. Vermicelli is high in carbs and fat-free. We produce hygienic vermicelli products that are good for health and affordable too. People can collect any quantities of products from us. Vermicelli is an ideal nutritious diet for both children and adults. With our Delicz Roasted Vermicelli, you can rest assured that you are consuming nutritious food every day that is promoting your health for certain.

 The Vermicelli is made out of quality essentials that are ground from very hard wheat. It is simply maida, water, and a little salt. Vermicelli is a popular instant food product. It falls under the category of extruded product and is made from wheat flour. Hygienic vermicelli products are peddled by us which are healthy and cost-effective. It is an ideal food product for all ages. Cooking with vermicelli has been made easy as we provide roasted vermicelli. Our Delicz Roasted vermicelli assures to promote health benefits and is very nutritious food for everyday intake.

 To ensure healthy food habits to people across the globe, we export supreme quality and highly essential vermicelli that is easy to cook and relish. Boundaries are not a limit for good deeds and so we export our quality products worldwide to any region within the stipulated time frame. Also, to retain the freshness and hygienic conditions, we implement the best packing technologies in the market. People can trust us for best quality vermicelli at affordable prices.

Culinary uses:

  • Roasted vermicelli is a snack food and a table enricher.
  • Festive days and special occasions are made memorable with South India's culinary enticement, known as Vermicelli.
  • Vermicelli absorbs flavors and spices very well thus it brings more delicious recipes.
  • It can also be used in soups, stir-fries, salads, and braised dishes.



Brand Name:Delicz

Packaging: Bag, Box

Grade: Grade AAA

Style: Dried

Item: High Quality Delicz Roasted Vermicelli

Color: Cream White

Place of origin: Tamilnadu


Packaging Details:

  1. Powder: 160gms, 180gms 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg / sealed bag.
  2. Can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Load ability

20’FCL 14MT